Dr Hin Moi YOUN

Dr Ivy Lynn MAK
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care
  • M.P.H., Ph.D, post-doctoral fellow

Moi obtained a M.P.H in Seoul National University in Korea with specialization in public health policy and management, and continued her study for Ph.D in Yonsei University in Korea. Her Ph.D focused on health system and strategy assessment and evaluation. She is experienced in health service research, and published several papers in international journals.

Moi joined the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care at HKU in November 2021, and is pursuing her interests in health research and developing public health strategies with a focus on non-communicable diseases management.

Key Research Areas
  • Health and health service research
  • Evaluation and development of health care systems and strategies
  • Non-communicable disease prevention and management

Key Publications
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