Professor Julie Yun CHEN

Dr Julie Yun CHEN
Principal Lecturer (holding the title of Associate Professor of Teaching)
Director, Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit (Clinical School of Medicine)
Assistant Dean (LKS Faculty of Medicine)
Chief, Undergraduate Education, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care
Julie Chen graduated with a Bachelor of Science (cum laude) degree in chemistry. She earned her Doctor of Medicine at Dalhousie University and completed her residency in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto (Mount Sinai Hospital site). She was selected for membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society on the basis of her scholastic achievement, professionalism, leadership capabilities and record of service. After relocating to Hong Kong, she began on her academic path in 2005 as Honorary Assistant Professor. She currently holds a joint appointment in the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, and the Bau Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education. She also serves as Assistant Dean (Learner Wellbeing) in the LKS Faculty of Medicine and Director of the Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit in the Clinical School of Medicine. Julie teaches medical students across all six years of the MBBS programme in her own discipline as well as in professionalism and medical humanities. Her research interests derive from her teaching and lie in curriculum development, professionalism, and doctor and student wellbeing. In recognition of her work in medical education, she was the recipient of a Faculty Teaching Medal (2012), two University Outstanding Teaching Awards (Team, 2013) (Individual, 2016) and a Teaching Innovation Award (Team, 2019) from The University of Hong Kong.
Key Research Areas
  • Medical education (particularly development, assessment and evaluation of curricula related to family medicine, medical humanities and professionalism)
  • Health and wellbeing of doctors and students
  • Evaluation of quality of care and health-related quality of life

Key Publications
Journal Articles
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Book Chapters
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Research Funding
Principal Investigator
2021-2022 Teaching Development Grant ($298,631) The Impact of a Student-driven Near-peer Teaching Initiative for Medical Students: an Exploratory Study (P.I. Dr Julie Chen)
2019-2021 HKCFP Foundation Fund Commissioned Study ($400,000) HKCFP-HKU Primary Care Morbidity Survey in Hong Kong (co P.I. Prof Cindy Lam/ Dr Julie Chen)
2018-2019 Teaching Development Grant ($264,532). Student in Medical Education
2017-2020 UGC Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals (5,699,225). Beyond the e-portfolio: connectivity and communities of learning in a virtual environment
2015-2016 Teaching Development Grant ($187,784). Assessing student support needs to inform the teaching and learning of undergraduate medicine and health sciences
2015-2016 Development Fund for Medical Humanities ($96,900). Towards altruism and social responsibility in Hong Kong: piloting and exploring the feasibility of a service learning programme
2013-2015 Teaching Development Grant ($185,306). Evaluating the impact and feasibility of a cross-disciplinary, library-based mindful practice programme for healthcare and human service students
2012-2014 Teaching Development Grant ($173,296) Development, Implementation and Preliminary Evaluation of a Longitudinal Programme for Early Student Experiential Learning of Professionalism


2019-2024 Health and Health Services Research Fund Commissioned Research to Support Local Cohorts and Follow-up Studies (CFS-HKU4, HK$5,999,020). Cohort study to investigate the outcomes of patients with hypertension and/or diabetes mellitus and the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of structured multi-disciplinary intervention programmes. (P.I. Prof Cindy Lam, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care)
2021-22 Teaching Development Grant ($296,020) A living library of patient-educators for virtual teaching, learning and assessment of clinical consultation skills for medical students (P.I. Dr Esther Yu, FMPC)
2021-22 Teaching Development Grant ($283,799) Interprofessional interactive learning module on inhaler devices for the management of respiratory disorders- a student partnership approach (P.I. Dr Esther Chan, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy
2019-2020 Teaching Development Grant ($100,000). Identifying and articulating the student learning experience in the MBBS 130 curriculum Enrichment Year (P.I. Dr Eric Wan, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, HKU)
2017-2018 Teaching Development Grant ($250,000). Scaling Up Learning Experience in Medical Humanities Using E-Platform (P.I. Dr Harry Wu, Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit, HKU)
2017-2018 Teaching Development Grant ($250,000). Enhancement of the quality of experiential learning in community health settings through a structured evaluation and training programme for community-based teachers (P.I. Dr Weng Chin, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, HKU)
2016-2018 Health and Medical Research Fund ($526,952). Cost and cost-effectiveness analysis of renal replacement therapy modalities for patients with end-stage renal disease in Hong Kong: comparison between peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis strategies (P.I. Dr Carlos Wong, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care)
2014-2017 UGC Special Funding for Teaching and Learning ($5,069,256). Interprofessional team-based learning for health professional students (P.I. Dr Lap Ki Chan, School of Biomedical Sciences, HKU)
2012-2014 AIDS Trust Fund ($344,478). Identifying sexual health behaviours and HIV risk amongst African refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong (P.I. Dr William Wong, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, HKU)
2011-2016 Health and Health Services Research Fund Commissioned Study on Enhanced Primary Care, EPC-HKU-2 (HK$5,685,000). Extended evaluation of quality of care of chronic disease management and public-private partnership programmes of the Hospital Authority (P.I. Prof Cindy Lam, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, HKU)

Professional Services
2022-present International Editorial Board Member, The Asia Pacific Scholar (TAPS)
2021-present Honorary Consultant, Department of Family Medicine, HKU-Shenzhen Hospital
2018-present Member, Gleneagles Hospital, Clinical Ethics Review Board
2017-present Editorial Board Member: Korean Journal of Medical Education
2017-present Editorial Board Member (Medical Education): Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences
2017-present Coordinator: Faculty Enrichment Year Service and Humanitarian Work sub-group
2017-present Member, Faculty Teaching and Learning Quality Committee (FTLQC)
2015-present Member, HKU/HA HKWC Institutional Review Board
2014-present Co-Director: Faculty MBBS Year IV Programme Coordinating sub-committee
2014-present Co-Chair: Faculty Medical Ethics, Law and Humanities sub-committee

Other Information
Academic service
Director: BIMHSE Research and Scholarship Programme
Coordinator: Faculty Enrichment Year Service and Humanitarian Work sub-group
Chair/ Deputy Chair: Faculty Medical Humanities Planning Group
Co-Director: Faculty MBBS Year IV Programme Coordinating sub-committee
Co-Chair: Faculty Medical Ethics, Law and Humanities sub-committee
Leader:HKU Humanities AoI Working Group (Common Core Curriculum)