Our Department conducts research meetings and grand rounds on a regular basis with the aim to promote knowledge exchange among medical professionals, academics and postgraduate students. Research meetings are usually conducted monthly on topics of current interests and new development in the field. Grand rounds, being held weekly, encourage sharing on clinical practice between clinical staff of GOPC and our Department. Details of the topics are listed below

Research Meeting 2023
Date Topic Presenter
21 September, 2023 Perspectives of Young People on the Implementation of Social Media-Based Sex Education Using A Feminist Approach in China Miss Brianna MA
17 August, 2023 Primary care consultations post-SARS-CoV-2 infection and mortality in older people aged 85 or above with multimorbidity: a target trial emulation Dr. Francisco LAI
20 July, 2023 The 5-Year Impact of a Health Empowerment Programme on Self-Care Enablement and Health Outcomes in Low-Income Families. Dr. Fiona LU, Ms Joyce LAM
15 June, 2023 The Impact of Thyroidectomy on the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Graves' Disease in Hong Kong Ms. Xiaodong LIU
18 May, 2023 External validation and potential application of the new pre-DM/DM risk prediction models for case finding in Hong Kong primary care Mr. Will CHENG
20 April, 2023 Promoting safe and effective use of online social media among young adults with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder in Hong Kong: A randomized controlled trial Dr. Phil LEUNG
24 March, 2023 Assessing knowledge, attitudes, practices and perceived barriers to using point-of-care ultrasound by primary care physicians in Hong Kong Dr. Amy NG
16 February, 2023 HKU FMPC Research Meeting Miss Boyuan WANG

Research Meeting 2022
Date Topic Presenter
24 November, 2022 Emulating target trials to evaluate the threshold of LDL-C level for the initiation of statin therapy among patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus Dr Eric Yuk Fai WAN
20 October, 2022 HKU FMPC Research Meeting Miss Sikky CHEN
18 August, 2022 Resilience: A Qualitative Study of Hong Kong Medical Educators Dr. Linda CHAN
21 July, 2022 The validation study of a DM & Pre-DM risk prediction function for case finding in primary care in HK Mr. Will CHENG
16 June, 2022 A systematic review and meta-analysis on the implementation and evaluation of sex education using a feminist approach; and a proposal on a qualitative study of social media-based sex education using a feminist approach among Chinese young adults Miss Brianna MA
19 May, 2022 Results of the primary care morbidity survey Dr. Julie CHEN
21 April, 2022 AI on infectious disease surveillance Miss Brianna MA, Dr. Ivy ZHAO
17 March, 2022 Ten-year effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Risk Assessment and Management Programme - Diabetes Mellitus (RAMP-DM) of the Hospital Authority Mr. Eric TANG
17 February, 2022 Optimizing the follow-up interval for Type 2 diabetes patients in primary care based on risk stratification: a proposal for a 10-year cohort study Miss Wanchun XU
20 January, 2022 Family influence on adolescent eating habits in terms of knowledge, attitudes and practices: preliminary qualitative findings Miss Kiki LIU

Research Meeting 2021
Date Topic Presenter
21 October, 2021 Effectiveness of continuous of care on cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes mellitus Miss Kim CHAN
23 September, 2021 First-line and second-line treatments for Graves’ disease Mr. Xiaodong LIU
19 August, 2021 Resilience: A Pilot Mixed Methods Study of HKU Medical Educators Dr. Linda CHAN
22 July, 2021 Psychometric properties of the electronic EQ-5D-5L: pilot study and perspectives of RCT

Miss Joyce LAM

Mr. Will CHENG

17 June, 2021 Trajectory patterns for clinical parameters on cardiovascular disease in patients with hypertension/ diabetes mellitus Mr. Wang YUAN
20 May, 2021 Exploring spiritual wellbeing in medical students’ life: a mixed method study Miss Mandy YUEN Lok Yi (MBBS III)
22 April, 2021 A mixed-methods study on online expression, online help-seeking, and suicide among Hong Kong youths Miss Sikky CHEN
25 March, 2021 A qualitative study on online social media use among young adults with high functioning autism spectrum disorder in Hong Kong: Implications on how to promote safe and effective use Mr. Phil LEUNG
25 February, 2021 In-depth exploration of a bidirectional parent-child health relationship and its mediating and moderating factors among low-income families in Hong Kong Dr. Ivy MAK
21 January, 2021 Research and statistical methods IV: Machine learning in Clinical Research: An Empirical Study on Population Health Survey Data Mr Dovey Weinan DONG

Research Meeting 2020
Date Topic Presenter
17 December, 2020 Research and statistical methods III: Introduction of Machine learning in Clinical Research Mr Dovey Weinan DONG
12 November, 2020 Research and statistical methods II: How to interpret stat measurements Dr Eric Yuk Fai WAN
22 October, 2020 Research and statistical methods I: Sample size planning Dr Eric Yuk Fai WAN
24 September, 2020 Key Clinical Discipline of GP Dr William Chi Wai WONG
28 May, 2020 Resilience: A nationwide study of medical educators Dr Linda CHAN
24 April, 2020 A pilot study on the validity and reliability of ‘Person- Centered Primary Care Measure’ in a Chinese population Dr Emily Tsui Yee TSE
20 February, 2020 GAIN: A Machine Learning Based Missing Data Imputation Method Mr Dovey Weinan DONG

Research Meeting 2019
Date Topic Presenter
3 Oct, 2019  Moral distress in medical students Dr Julie Yun CHEN
17 July, 2019 To evaluate the effectiveness of ‘safer dating apps use’ intervention to improve social life and psychological well-being among young adults with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder Mr Phil Wai Shun LEUNG
4 July, 2019  Impact of Free Annual Health Assessment to Improve Health Outcomes, Health-Related Quality of Life and Fill the Preventive Care Service Gap of Working Poor in Hong Kong Ms Caitlin Hon Ning YEUNG
13 June, 2019 The effectiveness of bariatric surgery: a population-based propensity score-matched cohort study Miss Oliver Tingting WU
30 May, 2019  Student perceptions of the bilingual Multiple Mini Interview for MBBS student selection at HKU Dr Weng Yee CHIN
11 April, 2019 Child Health in Our Community: From Early Childhood to Adolescence Dr Patrick IP
4 April, 2019 The 5-year impacts of RAMP-HT Dr Esther Yee Tak YU
7 March, 2019 Medical students as peer tutors: perspectives from stakeholders Ms Joyce Pui Yan TSANG
24 January, 2019 Cost and Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Renal Replacement Therapy Modalities for Patients with End-stage Renal Disease in Hong Kong: Comparison between Peritoneal Dialysis and Haemodialysis Strategies Dr Carlos King Ho WONG

Research Meeting 2018
Date Topic Presenter
15 November, 2018  Application practice of machine learning (ML) in primary care Mr Dovey Weinan DONG
25 October, 2018 Does symptoms triage tool help doctors in primary care: a qualitative study among Primary Health Care doctors and patients in HKW cluster Dr David LEE
27 September, 2018  Attitude and perception of weight in obese patients and their expectation towards primary care Dr Carol IONG
30 August, 2018 The use of health-related quality of life data in health economic evaluation Dr Carlos King Ho WONG
16 August, 2018 The use of health-related quality of life data in health economic evaluation Miss Stephanie Tsz Hei LAU
31 July, 2018 RGC GRF/ECS/HMRF brainstorming workshop Professor Martin ROLAND
5 July, 2018 HIV/STI service delivery in the UK/Australia Dr Jason ONG
21 June, 2018 Research incubation meeting for “A pilot study on the validity and reliability of ‘Meaningful Measures for Primary Care’ in a Chinese population in Hong Kong Dr Emily Tsui Yee TSE
24 May, 2018 Introduction to health economics  Dr Carlos King Ho WONG
26 April, 2018 Development of a game-based online sexual health promotion  Miss Stephanie Tsz Hei LAU
12 Apil, 2018 Partner notification among Hong Kong Chinese patients with chlamydia infection: The What, How, Why, and Why-not Dr Bobo LAU, Dr Lucia LIU
1 February, 2018 MHQOL group: Mental health, physical health and burnout of early-mid career doctors in Hong Kong Dr. Weng CHIN,
Mr Edmond Pui Hang CHOI,
Miss Karina Hiu-yen CHAN
4 January, 2018 Development of a game-based online sexual health promotion  Miss Julia Wai Han SUN

Research Meeting 2017
Date Topic Presenter
7 December, 2017  Beyond the e-portfolio: connectivity and communities of learning in a virtual environment  Dr Julie Yun CHEN
23 November, 2017 Health, health-related quality of life and behavior among children from low-income families  Miss Rosa Sze Man WONG
12 October, 2017  MHQOL group:
Treatment burden, mental health & HRQOL of primary care patients with multi-morbidity 
Dr Weng Yee CHIN
Dr Carlos King Ho WONG
7 September, 2017 Wellbeing of undergraduate medical and health sciences students at HKU  Dr Julie Yun CHEN
Miss Joyce Pui Tsang TSANG
3 August, 2017 Queer Cinema in the Philippines  Miss Mikee INTON
13 July, 2017 Barriers and enablers to seeking help for mental health problems in the primary health care system of Hong Kong – A combined qualitative and quantitative study  Mr Tony Kai Sing SUN
29 June, 2017 MHQOL group:
How do primary care doctors diagnose depression? A tree analysis exploration of the decision-making pathways associated with depression diagnosis 
Dr Weng Yee CHIN
Mr Eric Yuk Fai WAN
5 June, 2017 Mental health & quality of life  Dr Weng Yee CHIN
Dr Carlos King Ho WONG
8 May, 2017 What are the barriers and facilitators to undertaking continuing professional education amongst
private non-specialist primary care physicians in Hong Kong?
Dr Ricky Man Kay POON
6 March, 2017 Health service research Dr Colman Siu Cheung FUNG
Dr Esther Yee Tak YU
6 February, 2017 Experience Sharing of Visit to University of Glasgow Dr Carlos King Ho WONG
9 January, 2017 Mock Oral Defense of PhD Thesis Entitled “How to promote primary care in Zhejiang province, China Miss Denise Dan WU