Medical Education

Our department is heavily engaged in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and must of our research is inspired by our teaching and interactions with our students. Our interests and scholarly work have focused on curriculum development and evaluation particularly in family medicine, professionalism, mental health, the wellbeing of doctors and medical students, and medical humanities.

  • Professor Tai Pong LAM
  • Dr Julie Yun CHEN
  • Dr Linda CHAN
  • Dr Weng Yee CHIN
  • Dr Eric Yuk Fai WAN

Current research projects
  • Beyond the e-portfolio: connectivity and communities of learning in a virtual environment. PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2017-2020, UGC Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals. Amount awarded: HK$5,699,225.
  • Identifying and articulating the student learning experience in the MBBS 130 curriculum Enrichment Year. PI: Eric YF Wan, 2019-2020, HKU Teaching Development Grant (TDG) Award HK$100,000.
  • Continuing Medical Education Practices and Preferences in the Asia-Pacific Region: A pilot survey. PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2019-2020, unfunded.

Key publications
  • Linda Chan, Dennis A. Resilience: a nationwide study of medical educators. MedEdPublish 2019;8(1):20.
  • Linda Chan, Dennis A. Resilience: a nationwide study of medical educators [Version 2]. MedEdPublish 2019;8(1):20.
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  • Lam TP, Wong JGWS, Ip MSM, Lam KF, Pang SL. Psychological wellbeing of interns in Hong Kong: what causes them stress and what helps them. Medical Teacher. 2010;32:e120-e126.

Past research projects
  • The barriers and facilitators to undertaking continuing professional education among the private non-specialist primary care physicians in Hong Kong. PI: Tai Pong Lam, 2013-2015, Health and Medical Research Fund, HK$530,108.
  • Student in Medical Education (SIME): A pilot project to train students as peer teachers in the medical curriculum. PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2018-2019, Teaching Development Grants. Amount awarded: HKD$266,532.
  • Enhancement of the quality of experiential learning in community health settings through a structured evaluation and training programme for community-based teachers. PI: Chin WY, 2017-2019, Teaching Development Grants. Amount awarded: HK$250,000.
  • Scaling Up Learning Experience in Medical Humanities Using E-Platform. PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2017-2018. Teaching Development Grants, HK$250,000.
  • Assessing student support needs to inform the teaching and learning of undergraduate medicine and health sciences. PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2015-2016, Teaching Development Grants. Amount awarded: HK$187,784.
  • Development, Implementation and Preliminary Evaluation of a Longitudinal Programme for Early Student Experiential Learning of Professionalism. PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2012-2014, Teaching Development Grants. Amount awarded: HK$173,296.
  • Development, Implementation and Evaluation of the Gamification of Learning for Medical Students Using a Pilot Educational Escape Room Experience. PI: Tai Pong Lam, 2015-2015, Teaching Development Grants, HK$113,608.
  • Towards altruism and social responsibility in Hong Kong: piloting and exploring the feasibility of a service learning programme. Development Fund in Medical Humanities, PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2015-2016, HK$96,900.
  • Knowledge, attitudes and practices of medical interns towards antibiotic use and resistance in Hong Kong ; a mixed methods study. PI: Tai Pong Lam, 2018-2019, Seed Fund for Basic Research (HKU), $66,570.
  • What are the barriers and facilitators to undertaking continuing professional education among private nonspecialist primary care practitioners in Hong Kong? PI: Tai Pong Lam, 2012-2013, Small Project Funding, HK$$66,234.
  • "Art of Empathy; Using the Arts to Cultivate Empathy for Patients and Develop Self-awareness and Developing resilience" and "enhancing wellbeing in medical students through a structured self-awareness programme". PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2018-2019.
  • Interactional dynamics in interprofessional team-based learning: Effects of learning design and environments on teamwork . PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2017-2018, Unfunded.
  • Medical students’ professionalism dilemmas, resistance and moral distress: A cross-cultural study. PI: Julie Yun Chen, 2017-2019, Unfunded.
  • Research interests and needs of primary care doctors in the Asia Pacific region. PI: Chin WY, 2017-2018, Unfunded.
  • Staff and student perceptions of the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for the admission of students into an MBBS programme in Hong Kong . PI: Chin WY, 2017-2018, Unfunded.