Mental Health

Our Department has been undertaking various mental health research projects to implement the WHO recommendation of “Integration of Mental Health into Primary care” in Chinese and Asian context. These projects aim to enhance mental health and self-efficacy for primary care patients particularly in chronic disease management, healthy ageing, youth well-being and suicide prevention.

Our team has conducted studies with the Hospital Authority, non-profit organizations, private primary care clinics, community centers, secondary schools and tertiary institutions within Hong Kong for primary care mental health research. We have identified the keys factors to facilitate help-seeking and management of mental health and psychosocial problems, and ways to promote youth well-being. We have been working with the World Health Organization in revising the primary care classification of mental and behavioural disorders for the ICD-11-PHC. We also have active international collaborations with universities in the Asia Pacific Region including Australia, Singapore and Mainland China for projects relating to depression, anxiety disorders, dementia, domestic violence, child abuse and safe sexual health.

  • Professor Cindy Lo Kuen LAM
  • Professor Tai Pong LAM
  • Dr William Chi Wai WONG
  • Dr Esther Yee Tak YU
  • Dr Julie Yun CHEN
  • Dr Carlos King Ho WONG

Current research projects
  • Elicitation of health state utilities for paediatric populations from the general public. PI: Carlos K.H. Wong, 2019-2020, UGC-General Research Fund (GRF), HK$968,347.
  • Hong Kong Youths' Attitudes Towards Suicide, Coping Strategies and Online Help-seeking. PI: Tai Pong Lam, 2018-2020, Public Policy Research Grant, HK$880,918.

Key publications
  • Sun KS, Lam TP, Lam KF, Chan HY, Lo TL, Chao DVK, Yu YTT, Lam EWW. Associations between demographic factors and psychological distress among Chinese residents in Hong Kong: beyond socioeconomic classes. Psychology, Health & Medicine. 2020 Jan 15:1-13.
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Past research projects
  • The epidemiology and natural history of depressive disorders in primary care. PI: Weng-Yee Chin, 2010-2013, Commissioned Research on Mental Health Policy and Services (HK$1,399,186, May 1, 2010).
  • In-depth exploration of a bidirectional parent-child health relationship and its mediating and moderating factors among low-income families in Hong Kong. PI: Esther Yee-tak Yu, 2017-2019, Health and Medical Research Fund (#14151571, HK$1,183,868).
  • A randomised controlled trial on the effectiveness of screening and brief counselling for elderly patients with undiagnosed psychological problems in primary care. PI: Cindy L. K. Lam, 2002-2004, Health Care & Promotion Fund # 218016 ($806,990, 02-07-2002).
  • What are the enablers and barriers of help-seeking among the psychologically distressed in primary care setting? - Promoting mental well-being in Hong Kong. PI: Tai Pong Lam, 2013-2014, Health and Medical Research Fund - Full Grant. Amount awarded: HKD$602,400.
  • Depression and Anxiety in Global Primary Care Settings - A Field Study for the ICD-11-PHC. PI: Tai Pong LAM, 2014-2015. Small Project Funding. Amount awarded: HK$63,957.
  • E-health Mobile Application to Improve Testing and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections Amongst Hong Kong’s Youth: A Randomised Controlled Trial.. PI: Wong, WCW, 2018-2018, Seed Fund for Basic Research for Resubmission of GRF/ECS Proposals >3.5, HK$56,000.
  • What are the facilitators and obstacles to promote mental health help-seeking in primary care? – views of family physicians and psychiatrists. PI: Tai Pong LAM, 2011-2012. Small Project Funding. Amount awarded: HK$50,411.
  • Self-reported health, health service utilization, mental health status, and sleeping quality: Results from Population Health Survey 2014/15. PI: Cindy L. K. Lam, 2018-2019, Unfunded.
  • Exploring the views of hospital outpatients about the impact of dementia in Hong Kong. PI: Tai Pong Lam, 2018-2019.
  • Moral distress in medical students: A qualitative analysis of ethical issues identified in the clinical clerkships. PI: Weng-Yee Chin, 2017-2018, unfunded.
  • Psychometric properties of the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory in Hong Kong doctors. PI: Weng-Yee Chin, 2017-2019, unfunded.