Elective Opportunities

We warmly welcome overseas and local medical students who desire to further their interest and learning in Family Medicine in the Hong Kong context. During the 2 to 4 week elective placement, we offer both clinical and non-clinical experiential learning opportunities.

A typical 4 week elective would be structured as follows:

Two weeks (maximum) of clinically-related activities embedded with final year HKU medical students doing their FM clerkship

Activities would include supervised patient consultations in the teaching clinic, a patient consultation in which your independent consultation is video-recorded and then reviewed in a small group with a FM tutor, an attachment to a community family doctor for a number of sessions and participation in a series of PBL case discussions.

Two weeks (or more) of other FM-related activities depending on interest and needs

Some possibilities could include participation in FM research (e.g. helping with some ongoing projects (administering questionnaires, telephone interviews, data collection, etc) to get a feel for the variety of topics investigated and methods that can be used in FM research); literature review and presentation of a common presenting problem in FM resulting in a practical and evidence-based management guideline; creating a problem-based learning case based on a clinical scenario; or researching a clinical question of personal interest.

If this type of elective is of interest to you and would fulfil the requirements of your medical programme, we would be very happy to have you join us.


Medical students in their last two years of study. For electives which include a clinical component, the ability to speak Cantonese is essential.


This must be made through the Faculty Office, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine and will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis. Please click here for further information and forms